Game Trailer & Demo
Project Overview
In this semester-long project, I worked with a team of four other students to create a PC game and companion app pair called Prickles' Patrol. I helped define the look and feel of our game by designing various logos and icons to use for the game's UI. I further refined our game's brand identity by creating a color palette and art style to use as a style guide, allowing the game to feel cohesive. I assisted in creating the companion app's wireframe drafts, which I then used to create the interactive prototype
Through the companion app, users would learn about the effects of forest fires and how both climate change and human carelessness are large contributors to the increased forest fire activity and severity over the past two decades. The game offers players a fun and educational experience regarding forest fire safety and prevention. Users will play as Prickles, a hedgehog and friendly nature scout, who must collect/extinguish all potential fire starting items in order to save his forest!​​​​​​​
Erica Mueller : UI/UX Lead, Concept Art, Modeling
Ryan Kuo : Game Development Lead, VFX, Modeling
Marlowe Martensen : Project Manager, Modeling, Surfacing
Gabriella Moreno : Layout Lead, Surfacing Lead, VFX 
Kosi Udeh : Concept Art Lead, Rigging Lead, Modeling
Companion App Demo & Wireframes
Branding & Style Guide
UI Asset Inventory 
Concept Sketches